With a 30 year background in media as a TV/Radio personality, news writer, newscaster (KXOA, KHYL, KOVR, KXTV) and public relations consultant,  Connie Werner Reichert reinvented herself as an opioid recovery coach. Also a professional speaker, Connie addresses the many factors involved in opioid addiction. She herself is a recovered chronic pain patient that has taken several years of research to learn how to quit without going through scary and unpredictable withdrawals.

Good News! It can be done! “My staff and I are here to help you get through this frightening process with ease! Don’t be afraid,” Connie comments. “We get you. You just want your life back. So why not start here and contact us now.” ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION offers consultation packages to help you get clean without the relentless and horrendous withdrawals that come with getting free from opioid addiction. They will develop a custom tailored plan for you to get off the drugs with relative ease so you can affordably detox from the comfort of  your home instead of an expensive rehab center.

At ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION, they are not doctors, rather formerly prescribed chronic pain patients with a wealth of opioid recovery information and they advise and guide people how to enjoy freedom from addiction.

Contact them via email at cwris@yahoo.com with any questions or to set up a phone appointment or simply fill out the Contact form found on this site. 

Visit their blog for the latest in opioid addiction.

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