RSVP: Healing Addiction Summit Feb 3-9

It is likely that addiction and suffering has, or will, touch your life. That is why Joe Polish has asked me to invite you to join us in creating a world where family and loved ones can build addiction-free lives.

You can reserve your free seat now to learn from 29 of the world’s leading experts, practitioners, and visionaries including Joe Polish, Dr. Gabor Maté, Dr. Mark Hyman, and several Genius Network Members, as they share the success-keys to ending addiction and preventing relapse.

Can you imagine the relief you will feel – – knowing that you could help a suffering loved one; that you could help keep them clean and allow them to live a full and happy life?

Please save your online seat to the Healing Addiction Summit (Feb. 3-9).

This will equip you with a variety of proven tools and strategies for healing addiction including:

  • How to Build a Support System for Your Loved Ones
  • How to Heal Addiction Naturally
  • The Neuroscience of Addiction Strategies for Intervention, When and If Necessary
  • How to Spot Relapse Before It Happens
  • The Ideal Diet for Addiction and Anti-Relapse
  • The Power of Parenting to Prevent & Heal Addiction
  • Help Your Loved Ones Heal and Transform Themselves
  • How to Heal Opiate Addiction
  • And so much more

Each day of this summit, you can watch 3-5 interviews – 100% free – and you will gain the insight needed to help loved ones permanently re-gain control over their lives.

Reserve your free seat here:

I’ll see you there! At Addiction Prescription, we care.

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