He Didn’t Get Lucky, Babe: Tom Petty’s Overdose on Opioids


First  Prince, and now Tom Petty…fentanyl played a major role in BOTH of these deaths. 50 times more potent than heroine, it is a medication to be avoided at all costs. Unfortunately, it is easy to overdose on these dangerous painkillers.

Emphysema, knee problems and a fractured hip—that’s what lead to Tom Petty’s untimely demise. At age 66, Tom Petty recently passed away and the autopsy results are in. They show the rocker dies from an accidental drug overdose of opioids as a result of taking a variety of medications.

The L.A. County Coroner says a number of Tom’s organs failed due to “mixed drug toxicity.”  Tom’s autopsy report shows the singer was on several pain meds, including opioids including three different types of fentanyl. He was on fentanyl patches, oxycodone, temazepam, alprazolam, citalopram, acetylfentanyl and even despropionyl fentanyl.

The autopsy report says when paramedics arrived he was in full cardiac arrest, but CPR revived him, however on the way to the hospital he lost pulse for 20 minutes. He went into cardiac arrest a second time in the hospital and died 21 hours after being admitted.

The family says the linchpin to Tom’s overdose was the fractured hip.  He stubbornly insisted on touring for 53 concert dates with the condition, which worsened over time and caused him to take the meds. On the date he died he was told the hip had graduated to a full-on break that made the pain unbearable and may have caused the overdose of pain meds.

Tom Petty is a real rock and roll legend whose music lives on for the enjoyment of generations here and now and in the future.


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