Suboxone or Subutex for Opioid Addiction Recovery: The Controversy

The controversy of Mediation Assisted Treatment (MAT) may have crossed your mind recently, with all the information on MAT being covered in national news stories.  Usually, it can take many exposures to treatment, medications, lifestyle changes and family support to manage an opioid addiction.

Recovery is different for each person undergoing treatment. Some use Subutex or Suboxone as part of their addiction recovery treatment program.

Suboxone (a brand name for Buprenorphine) and other forms of medication-assisted treatment, like methadone and Vivitrol (a brand name for Naltrexone), is highly supported by medical and behavioral health groups. These include the American Society of Addiction Medicine, the National Council of Behavioral Health and the U.S. Surgeon General as well as many treatment centers and support groups.

A person who takes these medications as directed under the care of a physician is like a patient who takes medication to treat any other disease. When used in conjunction with comprehensive therapy and support groups or other forms of treatment, MAT increases the rate of success.

It can be confusing that while MAT can help your recovery, it’s still controversial. MAT is controversial because some treatment programs and support groups define “success” as total abstinence from these medications. While this may be a realistic approach and a goal for some, many people, especially those who have struggled with heroin and other opioids, need medication as part of a comprehensive recovery plan.

Ironically enough, in order to get fully opioid-free, you must STILL undergo a withdrawal process when you discontinue the use of Suboxone or Subutex.

Questions to ask yourself:

  • Are you contributing to society in some way by attending school, volunteering or working?
  • How are is your current lifestyle and what are your habits in general? Are you taking better care of yourself?
  • Are you attending support group meetings or getting some form of ongoing support or counseling?

If you are no longer misusing the substance that was getting you into chronic trouble and threatening your health and your life, then perhaps you will decide that Suboxone or Subutex will help to enable you to function normally again.

At the end of the day, “recovery” is a subjective term. It means something different for each and every person. Find others whom are supportive of MAT. Talk with them regularly and support one another. In the meantime, treat the opinions of others lightly and rely on your own instincts when it comes to your life or the life of your loved ones.

At ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION, we have formulated a way to get off all ALL opioids without many of the horrific withdrawals that come with addiction. We are here to help you transition from Subutex and Suboxone to a life full of health and wellness from opioid addiction. The Reichert Regimen is a system that includes coaching, phone consultations, over the counter meds, non-opioid prescription meds, holistic therapies, supplements, exercise and more.

We are not doctors, we are recovered chronic pain patients on a mission to help others reach sobriety.  Be sure to contact a medical professional before undergoing any type of addiction treatment.

At ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION, we care. Get your life back. For details, simply fill out the contact form on this site or email  









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