Sobriety: There’s an App for That!

In the midst of the opioid epidemic, everyone is looking for answers and resources to help decrease the problem. Going to treatment and participating in a recovery program is just one step in the process. But staying clean after treatment is usually even harder. Those suffering from painkiller addiction experience Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) after quitting.

As in recovery, communication and a support group is key. Nowadays most of us use our smartphones for practically everything, so why should sobriety be any exception? More mobile apps are being developed all the time to address the specific needs of those in recovery, including clever features that make it easier to find support and connecting with others in sobriety.

The following four apps are helping to beat the opioid epidemic and heal addiction.

recoveryBox Addiction Recovery Toolbox

This app has been around for a few years, but earlier in 2015 it got a big update that gave it a lot more punch. recoveryBox works using lights (green, yellow and red) that keep you accountable in your recovery. You log what you do every day and are greeted with a green light for “Way to go!”activities that support your recovery; a yellow light for “Warning light events”; or a red light for “Acting out” behavior. Whatever you enter is stored and can be emailed to a spouse, sponsor or another accountability partner. recoveryBox also tracks triggers over time, can log multiple addictions/issues and is easy to set up and customize with treatment goals and motivators to keep you on track. 

I Am Sober

Every day of sobriety is a victory. Reminding yourself of how much you’ve accomplished can help you stay on track. This app keeps track of these victories, including how long you’ve been sober and how much money you’ve saved by not buying alcohol. It notifies you when you reach new milestones and lets you set times to get daily notifications on your progress.

Sober Grid

Getting sober is only half the battle. Then the real work begins. Access to peer support and other resources is critical to staying sober. Sober Grid was designed to provide those looking to get sober, and those in recovery, with access to a community focused on sobriety. Some join to get support, others to give it; each free download, post and connection creates an opportunity to stay sober while helping others do the same. Sober Grid is available for free in the Apple and Android App Stores.

The 12 Steps AA Companion app
The sobriety tool available for members of Alcoholics Anonymous. With a feature packed Big Book reader, search tool, sobriety calculator, notes, AA contacts database and more, your experience is unmatched! Every member of AA will find this app very useful yet quite simple to use.

Download an app today and use it for your benefit.

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