My Doctor Gave me Fentanyl: Here’s What Happened

I can’t tell you his real name for concern of being sued by him, but my first introduction to pain meds came from a man I call “Dr. Drug.” I had these dehabilitating migraines on a weekly basis. I was always with a sick headache. So Dr. Drug wrote a script for Duragesic patches which is fentanyl. I did not know it at the time. I did not realize what he was doing to me, setting me off on a journey through hell with a full blown opioid addiction. Fentanyl is much stronger than heroin. I wish I had known that. I would have refused to take the medication. Anyway, I told him I did not like the patches so he gave me fentanyl lollipops. I kid you not. I got pain relief from it all right and as high as one could probably be. I started sucking on these addictive lollipops even when I didn’t have a migraine.  Then I knew I had a problem. I decided that since Dr. Drug was fueling my addiction I decided to stop seeing him.

I went into methadone treatment through the pain specialist of the Northern California region for one of the largest hospitals in the state.

Funny thing is, when I complained that I wanted off the methadone too, my pain specialist urged me to take more.

It took several years to get sober, but I finally did it. I couldn’t afford to go to a rehab center and my insurance didn’t cover medical detoxing.

So, after years of intensive research, I developed the Reichert Regimen here at ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION. I was able to safely and conveniently get off opioids with minimal withdrawals.  My purpose is to share this knowledge and plan with others struggling with opioid addiction. Please fill out our contact form on this site or simply email us at or call (916) 717-4067 for details.

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