Akuamma: Your Opioid Alternative

If you’ve been reading my blog, then you know just how serious the Opioid Epidemic is. Opioid abuse and addiction has exploded in our society, all across the U.S. An article from Businessinsider.com states that more than 183,000 Americans have overdosed and died because of prescription opioids.

Fortunately, all hope is not lost. Akuamma is an alternative treatment of chronic pain. The seeds available in capsules or powders online, is a natural pain reliever which can ward off the terrifying symptoms of opioid withdrawal. Akuamma is an opioid receptor agonist and it has been noted that its active alkaloid pericine is six times more potent that Codeine. It’s the ideal herb to combat restlessness and stress while getting sober.

Aside from the pain relief it brings, Akuamma is known to induce a sense of well-being. In specific doses, it’s also a sedative. Usually, the recommended dosage is from 2-4 grams. But some people take as much as 6 grams to unleash its full benefits. Side effects of large doses in excess of 10 grams include headaches and nausea. None of the effects are lethal.

Be forewarned: You do NOT want to taste Akuamma seed powder. It has the nastiest taste in the mouth and lingers for hours. That’s the downside. What I did was purchase my own empty vegan capsules size 00, place the powder in them, and I take three to four capsules three times a day. I no longer have that bitter taste in my mouth and was able to ditch my kratom addiction. .

Akuamma seeds is made from a plant grown in Africa, and as of right now it’s readily available all over the world. Akuamma is totally legal and will reduce your opioid withdrawals. Check out online nootropic vendors and look up people’s experiences on sites like Bluleight and Reddit.  Top Extracts has it in stock. Try Akuamma today.


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