September is National Recovery Month

Today, over 23 million people are struggling with addiction. Although the road to recovery for many addicts is a difficult journey, now is the perfect time to acknowledge how far some have come, as well as spread awareness and educate others on the addiction recovery process.

You can recover from addiction. It all begins with a burning desire for a better life plus a belief you can get sober. With safe and effective at-home treatment and support, you can live the life you truly love.

Recovery never ends; it is a lifelong commitment to kick opioids for good as you improve your overall health and well being. While for many addicts, achieving sobriety is one thing. Staying sober is another. Recovery is difficult and it means changing your lifestyle, your very outlook on life, your behavior, your spirituality and perhaps even your environment.

Successful recovery from opioid addiction is inspired by knowing recovery is possible and faith you will recover without relapsing.

The Four Pillars of Recovery

  1. HEALTH-Decide once and for all you will avoid opioids and support your physical and mental health by doing so.
  2. COMMUNITY-You should cultivate secure relationships that mean a lot to you. Surround yourself with those who love you and you will be better able to cope with recovery.
  3. PURPOSE-Discover your reason for living.
  4. HOME-Have a safe and stable place to detox and recover.

Opioid addiction recovery is different for everybody. Recovery can occur in many different ways. It’s an individualized process that is influenced by several factors such as the type, severity and duration of addiction.

Many people suffering from the throes of addiction don’t know where to seek help or how they can recover. They may have failed to recover on their own and maybe even think that sobriety is unobtainable; that recovery is impossible. I can tell you it is possible to beat opioid addiction.

Thankfully, at ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION, there are ways to recover safely without the terrifying withdrawals one often faces if they suddenly stop taking painkillers. Our program, the “Reichert Regimen” is customized to your own specific needs without the high cost of entering a rehab center.  Simply fill out the contact form on this site to learn more, and you can also reach us at

Begin your opioid addiction recovery today, and enjoy getting your life back.



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