Fear Keeps Addicts From Getting Clean off Opioids

It’s the fear of withdrawals and detoxing that keeps many opioid addicts in a drug-fueled state. Are you a slave to your painkillers such as oxycodone, hydrocodone, morphine or heroin? What about prescription pain meds such as methadone, tramadol, Suboxone or Subutext, the very mediations you’re taking to wean off from other opioids?

Perhaps you or a loved one is using opioids just to maintain…not to get high but to keep the status quo and feel “normal.”

Maybe opioid addiction is messing up your life and hurting your family and friends. Or, you’re taking prescription pain meds because you really are in pain but need to find a better way to manage your pain and live the life you’re meant to live.

And perhaps you’ve run out of your prescription and have turned to illegal opioids like heroin…or you’re running out of money to support your habit.

Many people are afraid to quit opioids due to the very real fear of withdrawals and its many symptoms. It’s a nerve-racking vicious cycle. We understand, we’ve been there.

After several years of research, ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION has developed the “Reichert Regimen.” Our approach is to get you off opioids safely and effectively with minimal withdrawal symptoms. To schedule a free welcome consultation, contact ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION by filling out the contact form on this site or simply email us at  cwris@yahoo.com. Now accepting clients, we will help you get your life back.



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