The Opioid Epidemic Explodes

By now, we know opioids are a big problem, but here’s some insight as to how this happened in the first place. According to NBC medical correspondent Dr. John Torres, an overemphasis on pain since 1990 helped spur the opioid epidemic in America. Torres says pain gets overemphasized as a vital sign, part of a “perfect storm” of trends that lead to the current opioid problem. He advises patients on pain meds to get educated about the highly addictive painkillers. The medications work, but at a very high price. It could even mean your life. Once on them, get off opioids as soon as you can! You DO NOT want to get addicted because the entire process is so messed up, and you will be as well. Instead, try different, “safe” meds like Advil or Ibuprofen. Go for acupuncture treatments or get massages and reiki to alleviate your symptoms. But remember, education is key so study up on opioids before taking them.  Or be strong and don’t even try.

Looking back, I wish I never popped a pill. I was on every damn opioid you can think of for 10 years. It took me three years to figure out how to quit without losing my mind. Don’t make the same mistakes I did by trusting your doctor…

Keep it here for further news and about how I finally quit opioids for good, and how you can too!

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