Little Boy Dies from Fentanyl

It was a very sad day when a little ten year old boy in Florida dies from Opioids. He was at a public swimming pool on June 23 and came in contact with the fatal opioid known as Fentanyl. The Fifth-grader, Alton Banks, began vomiting after coming home from the pool in the city’s Overtown section, where the streets are lined with used needles.

Experts say that fentanyl and other synthetic forms are SO POWERFUL that just a “speck” breathed in and/or absorbed into the skin, can kill someone. This is what is suspected to have happened to the little boy due to traces of the drug being so high in the Florida communities.

Certainly, this case has truly revealed how dangerous drugs are and how frighteningly available fentantyl is.  Banks is believed to be the youngest victim of this horrible crime.

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