The ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION is here to help you detox from opioids from the comfort of your own home instead of a costly rehab center.  With our help, you will be able to get clean with the most minimal of withdrawal effects–about 80-90% less withdrawals than if you went cold turkey.  

Here at ADDICTION PRESCRIPTION, we support you all the way. We offer helpful blog posts and we do consultations by email and phone.

We are not doctors; rather former chronic pain patients who, after three years of intensive research, finally found a way to safely break the chains of opioid addiction at home with what is known as the “Reichert Regimen.”  We help you achieve sobriety with a variety of tools such as opioid recovery coaching, natural supplements, over-the-counter medications, holistic medicine, and many other types of often unknown or often-overlooked remedies. You CAN get your life back! Why not start now?

Obtain peace of mind. We know how to help you and we will. Get your life back today. Reach us at cwris@yahoo.com or at (916) 717-4067.


“I know how you’re feeling, I’ve been there before…Don’t you cry tonight, there’s a heaven above you baby…”                             

                               Axl Rose, Guns & Roses







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